4 Children Killed As Mobile Home Catches Fire in South Carolina

Two one-year-old twin girls and their brothers, three and four, have perished in the fire

Four children have been killed in a mobile home fire in Hartsville, a small town of only 8,000 inhabitants in South Carolina.

Carolina Live detailed that the siblings got caught in the flames and presumably took cover behind furniture.

Fire rescue crews uncovered the remains of a three-year-old and a four-year-old under a bed in the trailer. The bodies of their one-year-old twin sisters were lying behind a dresser.

"Anytime you have fatalities, it's hard for your first responders. When you have children involved, it's that much worse as it can get for first responders," Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd comments in the rescue operation.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they saw the children's mother outside the home, visibly distraught.

Sky News adds that they reached the trailer in four minutes and put out the blaze in another ten minutes, but it was too late for the infants.

The mother was lying on the front porch, and she was joined by several other family members. Authorities are yet to unveil whether or not she was inside the home when it caught on fire.

Neighbors remember trying to enter the home and get the children out, but being stopped by the flames.

"The whole trailer was engulfed in flames. Everybody was standing around. Rat, (a neighbor) he tried to get in, but he couldn't because of the flames," neighbor Priscilla Isaac recalls of the horrific scene.

Hartsville official Russell Cox informs that the medical examiner's office is investigating the incident and are yet to release further information.

"There is a whole lot of crying here. It's an emotional scene," Cox describes.

A photo snapped by Sheriff Byrd shows that the exterior of the home has remained relatively intact, while the interior is presumably charred. The image has been attached to this piece.

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