4 ATM Fraudsters Arrested for Stealing Money from Manhattan Bank Accounts

Hundreds of payment cards and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash have been seized

A total of four individuals, two from Los Angeles and two from Las Vegas, were arrested a couple of days ago by the New York Police Department for illegally withdrawing large amounts of money from the bank accounts of hundreds of individuals.

According to the NY Post, the first suspect was apprehended after Chase had notified the NYPD of ATM withdrawals from a flagged account. The second individual was arrested following a similar tip.

Hundreds of phony payment cards and tens of thousands of dollars in cash were found on the two suspects.

Later, two other accomplices were arrested at a hotel in New York. In the hotel rooms, police found $198,000 (152,000 EUR) in money orders, $84,000 (64,000 EUR) in cash and 200 cloned cards.

The suspects have been charged, among other things, with 380 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument and one count of identity theft.

Authorities believe the four might be part of a large-scale money laundering operation coordinated from overseas.

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