4.7" iPhone 6 Body, Shown in Hi-Res Photos and on Video – Leak

Brand new high-res photos and video with a rear shell of an iPhone 6

A Russian-based company got their hands on a real iPhone 6 casing. The back of the device has been photographed and filmed to show all the little details of the new design. 

Feld & Volk is a company that mods iPhone and iPad and occasionally turns the iDevices into luxury items. They say they worked with a Chinese supplier, who managed to smuggle a real iPhone 6 rear shell out of the factory and now they are showing it to the public. 
This is certainly not the first iPhone 6 part to come out of the Chinese manufacturer's plants, but it is the first one to be shown in great detail. 
According to Macrumors, Feld and Volk says it has been working with the same factories that make spare parts for Apple products for more than six years, enabling it to get a head start on modifying the device for its customers. Feld & Volk has been using sapphire crystal on its high-end modified iPhones for several years, and says that its sapphire suppliers are the same ones Apple has begun working with more recently. 
The rear shell of the 4.7" iPhone 6 is handled on video as well. However, the part is not a complete one. The camera, buttons, and connectors are missing. 
Also, one interesting detail is that the Apple logo is cut out of the shell. That may indicate that Apple will install a similar logo to the one on their computers, or it may have a more durable, non-metal embedded logo just like the one on the iPad. 
The Russian company that released these images speculates that the logo may be the housing for an NFC-like antenna. This possibility was often mentioned in the past, but so far Apple has ignored the idea of expanding their devices to work with the NFC standards and pursued technologies like Bluetooth and iBeacon. 
iPhone 6 is expected to be released this fall. Reports by Chinese media suggested that the new devices will be presented by Apple on September 19 and launched in stores around the world just a week later, on September 25, 2014.
iPhone 6 is expected to come out in two different sizes: a 4.7-inch diagonal display and a 5.5-inch one. So far there have been only leaks related to the smaller size iPhone, including a sapphire display. 

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