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Another "yes, it really is!" for the day. Yep, the title isn't just a way to make you click this article but depicts the naked reality. It looks like the internet has finally gotten to become a repository of cool, hand-picked audio samples.

Yep, again, those samples many of you have sometimes been desperately looking for: long samples, short samples, loud party samples and quiet environmental ones, natural samples and sci-fi samples... samples, samples and again samples. 4.6GB of audio files waiting for you to download them. This huge amount of data is all courtesy of library owner Canton Becker who has been gathering up data for long years now as a secret hobby.

If back then all his libraries were stored on various peer-to-peer networks and on different university servers, today brings you good news: the about 7.579 sound files now reside on a dedicated server with huge bandwidth and with the proper speed to hold on all those who may be at the same time on it downloading.

As since we're talking about downloading I must enumerate the declared 1,420 techno/dnb/trance/breakbeats, the 95 drum hits, 874 sound FX, 581 instrument samples, 440 melodic loops and 579 vocal samples. That's a lot! Thinking that users can also upload their files only makes things even better.

Canton Becker declared, when asked about what he feels about this awesome library put online: "The other exciting thing is that we're still doing this for free. We haven't had to put any advertisements on the site to cover our costs because, for the first time ever, we're allowing our members to make donations. To thank some of these folks, we've been mailing them DVD-ROMs of the entire sample collection."

Now, in the end of this short article, prepare your HDDs to receive the almost 5GB of content you can download for free only at sampleswap.org Set, GO!

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