$4 (€3) Cup Sells at Auction for $70K (€53K)

The antique was sold by Sotheby's in Sydney, Australia

A man buying a cup from a thrift shop in Sydney, Australia has come across a Chinese antique worth a fortune.

The unnamed seller had a suspicion about the item being valuable, and he contacted an Asian Art expert at Sotheby's Australia.

The cup turned out to be a 17th century Chinese "libation cup" made out of rhinoceros horn. Consultant Ann Roberts gave him the news about how much the cup was worth.

"He was very pleased. [...] They don't look immediately attractive to the untrained eye," she tells the Sydney Morning Herald.

Although it was chipped, it sold at auction for $75,640 (€57,586) and he only bought it for under $4 (€3). The "Magnolia and Prunus" antique was sold to an Asian art collector who has also chosen to remain anonymous.

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