3S Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung Slate PC Unveiled by Adesso

A very curious product for a curiously ancient tablet

Samsung's Slate PC XE700T1A, or the Slate PC 7 as it is more broadly known, was launched this time last year (2011). Perhaps peripheral Adesso is trying to celebrate its anniversary in a way.

We say that Adesso Inc. might be trying to celebrate that occasion because the company has launched a Bluetooth keyboard for the tablet PC.

And the tablet really is a PC, despite its 11.6-inch tablet form factor: it runs an x86 processor, has the Windows 7 operating system and generally stands apart from media slates, past and future.

Indeed, the only thing it actually lacks is a physical keyboard. Had Windows 8 been installed on it, the new user interface and the good touch input technology would have made the item bearable to use.

As it is, Adesso obviously believes that it can profit from releasing the 3S Bluetooth keyboard and carrying case.

Since it is detachable, the keyboard does not necessarily have to act as a docking station all the time. Bluetooth will let owners work from up to 30 feet away (10 meters).

Then again, with how small the tablet's screen is, it is unlikely that buyers will find it convenient to squint at it from miles away, so the wireless distance doesn't have much bearing really.

What could, on the other hand, satisfy customers is the construction involving scissor-switch keys. Long story short, this isn't one of those keyboards where people can feel as though they aren't actually typing properly. Tactile feedback is more than decent.

Other things that should get a mention are the stylus holder, the multiple viewing angles, the rechargeable polymer battery, and the power on/off switch.

Finally, the Adesso WKB-1000SB wireless tablet keyboard, as the Compagno 3S Bluetooth keyboard is otherwise named, has a price of $89.99 / 70.03 Euro. Those who like faux leather can check it out here.

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