3G Version of PlayStation Vita More Popular than Wi-Fi One

Players also pick up memory sticks when pre-ordering

A report coming from a Japanese retailer, Sinobi, shows that the 3G enabled version of the upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld from Sony is more popular among those who pre-order the device than the one which only offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

The retailer is saying that 65 percent of those who placed pre-orders went for the 3G model, despite the fact that it costs 29,980 Yen on launch (about 390 dollars at current exchange rates) while the one that only offers Wi-Fi costs 24,980 Yen (325 dollars).

This is despite the fact that 3G download file size will be capped at 20 MB.

The report also says that 82 percent of those who have bought the Vita have also picked up a memory stick and that about 72% of them chose one which offered 32 GB of storage.

This suggests that many buyers are interested in picking up a lot of content for their handheld and believe they will need more space to store it in the future.

Sinobi also revealed that those who purchase the hardware also got some games but the ratio was of only 0.57 titles to one console.

Yesterday a number of retailers in Japan have revealed that they had gone through all the PlayStation Vita stock for pre-orders, which means that those who are interested in paying for one before release need to wait for manufacturer Sony to increase the number of devices available.

This is also a sign that the Vita seems to be headed for a successful launch in Japan, showing that gamers are still interested in getting a handheld which is focused only on gaming even in a world that appears dominated by smartphones.

The Vita will be launched on the Japanese market during December 17 and Sony will also bring the device to North America and Europe during the initial months of 2012.

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