3Doodler 3D Printer Pen So Great That It Smashed Its Funding Goal in Hours – Video

The 3D printing pen didn't even need a day to get triple the amount

Yesterday (February 19, 2013), we brought the 3Doodler to your attention, believing, correctly as it turns out, that it could be the beginning of something memorable.

Not even we expected such widespread support though. WobbleWorks LLC saw its target funding of $30,000 / 22,400 Euro reached hours after the posting.

At the time of this article's writing, the total pledges amounted to $387,000 / 288,500 Euro.

Since there are still 32 days to go, the sum is only bound to go higher and higher. The designers have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback, and they're already “hard at work creating something [the 3Doodler Team] we think you're all going to love.”

3Doodler is a pen that can print things in 3D, even through the air, using heated and instantly cooled ABS plastic. Our original article has all the pertinent information.

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