3DS Outsells Vita by 46 to 1 in Japan

Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires lead video game chart

The Nintendo 3DS handheld has managed to have another solid week on the Japanese market, while the newer PlayStation Vita from Sony has seen another decline, which means that the sales balance between the two devices is about 46 to 1.

The 3DS LL version, the one including more battery life and a bigger screen, has managed to more than double its sales in one week, according to data from Gematsu.

The device sold 134,652 units in just one week, compared to 63,993 during the previous one, and the normal version of the 3DS added another 52,425, another big increase coming from 29,996.

The PlayStation 3 from Sony is, as usual, the bestselling home console, with 18,043 devices moved to players, a slight decline when compared to the 21,310 of the previous week.

The old PSP handheld is in fourth place, selling 12,076 units, while the much hyped PlayStation Vita is down yet again, selling just 4,021 devices, about 800 less than during the last seven-week period.

The Nintendo Wii has managed to sell better than the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 2 and older DSi versions.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a 3DS only game created by Nintendo, has taken the number one position in the Japanese video game chart, with sales of no less than 603,064 copies during its launch week, while second place was occupied by another new entry, Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires from Tecmo Koei, with 70,102 units moved to players.

The last place on the podium belongs to Halo 4, which managed to make an impression in Japan and sold 39,312 copies during its own launch week.

The rest of the top ten includes: Tales of Xillia 2, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Silent Hill: Downpour, World Soccer Winning Eleven 2013, Okami HD and Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition.

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