3D Printing Technology Transforms Music Files into Records

A tech editor has developed a technique that converts digital files into plastic disk

There used to be a time when everyone even slightly well off had a phonograph of some sorts, but these devices went out of fashion in the latest two decades.

Some people are still nostalgic though. One of them is Amanda Ghassaei, a technology editor from Instructables.

She has managed to create a technique through which a digital sound file can be 3D Printed into a plastic, grooved disk that plays on regular turntables.

Sure, the audio quality isn't the best (11 KHz), and the resolution of the 3D printer was a bit high for that result (600 dpi on the x/y axes, 16-micron thick layers).

The video embedded above shows a demo of Nirvana, New Order, Daft Punk and more.

Instructions for emulating the creative experience, including the necessary code, can be found here.

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