3D Printing Service Will Launch in Early 2013

Staples Easy 3D will begin to accept orders in Europe

Staples, known worldwide as a provider of electronics devices, furniture and other office supplies, like printer ink and copy paper, will launch the Easy 3D service in early 2013.

In short, it will be a service by means of which customers will upload files to the Staples Office Center and have them printed in 3D at whatever nearby store they choose.

For convenience, the service is entirely cloud-based, so that people needn't leave the house when placing the request.

In fact, if they agree to an extra fee, they can have their models shipped home instead of making the trip to the nearest Staples shop.

Staples Easy 3D is made possible by a deal with Mcor Technologies. It isn't the first 3D Printing service, but it could become the best known.

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