3D Printed Autobot Can Walk, Transform and Shoot Things

It can be controlled by a remote and has an integrated Wi-Fi camera

There was probably no grand plan to start a whole string of new releases regarding the 3D Printing market, but we dare say that this may just be coming to pass, as even Brave Robotics is trying its hand at it.

In 2013, a 3D Printing service accessible to the public will finally be launched. Until then, however, people interested in this new technology will have to settle for pre-made items.

Brave Robotics is one of the few companies that are experimenting with such things. Recently, they were successful in creating a fairly sophisticated robot.

In fact, it is a sort of autobot from the “Transformers” franchise. It does not resemble any known character very well, and copyright laws would bring repercussions if something of the sort were to be made on a whim anyway.

The robot can still walk, though, and can even transform into a car version on its own. It can be controlled via Wi-Fi.

Speaking of Wi-Fi, the wireless technology is used as more than just a remote control method. Brave Robotics decided to toss in a Wi-Fi camera as well.

Furthermore, the toy, or action figure, can shoot little darts from its arms, and has some headlights that actually work too.

The company created the robot with its own self-built 3D printer, though not all at once. In the far future, it may be possible to 3D Print complex mechanisms, but so far, each part has to be made individually.

This is the main reason why, once an order is placed, it will take a whole month to produce, assemble them and program all the parts. The video below shows everything the 3D-printed transformer can accomplish.

Brave Robotics has been creating transformer prototypes since 2012, starting with a pair of legs. The current model may not be all that graceful on its feet, but it has definitely come a long way.

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