3D Print Mountains with The Terrainator

Small scale models of magnificent landscapes can be yours

While the 3Doodler is one of the most impressive 3D printers in terms of versatility, The Terrainator may be the most unusual single-purpose implementation of the technology.

The Terrainator is not actually a 3D Printer or a 3D Printing company, not exactly.

It is more of a web-based service that allows customers to get their favorite geographical features printed in 3D.

That is to say, if they want a small scale model of a peak in the French Alps, for example, they will get it.

All they need to do is use the map and select whichever area they want.

Right now, there is only data available for the Alps, the western-half of the US, and the United Kingdom. A small, three-inch square model will have a price of around $45 / 34.65 Euro.

Bigger points, accurate colorization buildings and the like will be added to the service in the future.

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