3D Engine for Linux UNIGINE Now Features a Complex City Traffic System

The UNIGINE developers have brought more features

UNIGINE, a real-time 3D engine built to run on all major platforms, including Linux, has been updated again and its developers have implemented numerous features, including a comprehensive City Traffic System.

The UNIGINE Engine is built by Unigine Corp., the company behind the Heaven DX11 Benchmark software. The technology they develop is getting better all the time and the updates for the engine always bring numerous improvements.

This technology is not very well known in the Linux ecosystem, even if it was used to power a number of games. The company managed to sell this technology to companies that don't make public software, but that doesn't mean it's not Linux-ready.

“We have a lot of customers developing driving-based application for different purposes. For example, UNIGINE-powered car simulators from INNOSIMULATION (South Korea) are used by driving schools in 20 countries worldwide,” explain the devs on the official blog.

“So, we have decided to help our customers and have created City Traffic System, an expandable system that allows you to visualize real city traffic, filled with AI-controlled vehicles and pedestrians, which follow the traffic regulations.”

The developers have revealed that the Road Network with support for different configurations has been implemented and features multiple lanes, two-way and one-way roads, arbitrary crossroads, multi-level roads, speed limit zones, overtaking prohibition zones, priority signs, and configurable traffic lights.

They didn't stop at the infrastructure. The cars used in the simulation can be customized too, the AI has been improved drastically and it's able to avoid obstacles, obey the signs, predicts movement of the human-controlled cars, and much more.

Unrelated to the new traffic system, a new file dialog interface in UnigineEditor has been implemented and users will have an easier time navigating, a Node Export Plugin has been added, bookmarks can now be set by dragging folders from a file list, the upper navigation panel has been enhanced with buttons for fast and convenient navigation, image preview is now possible, the vegetation library has been expanded with several California plants in high-quality, a set_mtime() File System function has been added, a number of WidgetDialog class functions have been implemented, and lots of smaller fixes have been made.

A complete list of new features for all the platforms is available in the official announcement.

Keep in mind that the UNIGINE graphics engine is only aimed at commercial enterprises and that not even a trial version is available for the general public.

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