3D Creation Suite Blender 2.66 Is Available for Download

The latest version of Blender can be downloaded from Softpedia

Blender Foundation, the developer of Blender, an integrated 3D creation software suite, has announced that their software has reached version 2.65.

As usual, every new version of Blender  houses new features and this time they've outdone themselves introducing Dynamic Topology Sculpting, Cycles Rendering, Mesh Modeling, Particle Fluid Dynamics, and more.

All in all, over 250 bugs that existed in previous releases have been fixed, which makes this version of Blender a very stable one.

Highlights of Blender 2.66:

• A new SPH particle fluid solver was added, designed for more physically accurate results;

• The character physics type received a number of new options, profiling and debug information has been cleaned up;

• The Bullet physics library has now been integrated into the editor and animation system, which makes rigid body simulations also available outside of the game engine;

• Initial support for hair rendering was added, multiple importance sampling for lamps. The preview rendering is available inside the properties editor, new closures and optimizations for OSL have been implemented, non-progressive integrator was improved and support for packed, and generated and movie textures were added;

• Collada import and export was improved for animation and shape keys are now supported. The armature modifier has been made more stable, respecting axis orientation and scene scaling;

• New features include vertex color baking, more efficient ambient occlusion baking for multires meshes, edge-based UV stitching, more control over mapping texture brushes for texture painting, gradient tools for weight painting, and a translate node for the compositor;

• MilkShape 3D format support and EDL Video Import have been added;

• In addition to the new features, over 250 bugs that existed in previous releases have been fixed.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official changelog.

Download Blender 2.66 right now from Softpedia.

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