350-Pound (158-Kg) Marlin Jumps into Boat in Dominican Republic

Check out a video of a large fish scaring crew on a fishing boat

A video of a large marlin jumping into a boat is both surprising and terrifying. Said boat belongs to fishermen from Florida, and several men can be seen aboard when the fish jumps in.

According to Fox News Insider, the gigantic sea creature was weighed at over 350 pounds (158 kg). In fact, it was so big that the anglers couldn't take it home with them.

They ended up giving the fish to locals in the Dominican Republic, where it was caught.

The clip captures the moment when it swims onto the small vessel, knocking one men over and sending crewmen scattering to the other side.

The crew originally meant to release it back into the water, but apparently it died “of self-sustained injuries” after impact.

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