34 Government Websites of Argentina’s Province of Misiones Hacked

Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hackers have taken credit for the attack

A total of 34 government websites operated by Argentina’s province of Misiones have been hacked and defaced by the members of the Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers group.

The list of defaced sites includes the ones of the Provincial Prison Service, the Ministry of Agriculture and Production, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the Secretariat for Press and Publications, the General Education Council, the Ministry of Human Rights, the government portal and many others.

All the sites are hosted on subdomains of the missioner.gov.ar domain.

As it turns out, this attack is part of a protest against Israel.

“Attention government of Argentina. We are in a war with those countries which directly or indirectly support Israel. If you guys continue to support them then you will be the sufferer. Peace or war, the choice is yours,” the hackers wrote on the defaced websites.

At the time of writing, most of the sites were restored, but some of them were offline.

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