32-Inch UHD 4K IGZO PC Monitor Released by Sharp

The higher pixel density of the IGZO technology helps achieve the resolution

IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) LCD panels (liquid crystal displays) are one of the display technologies most adept at reaching high pixel densities.

That is why Sharp has decided to use it in the making of a 32-inch Ultra High-Definition PC monitor.

While 4K UHD TVs are already significant in number, even though TV broadcasts in that quality won't be even remotely widespread before July 2014, the same cannot be said about monitors.

Sharp aims to remedy this, hence the launch of the PN-K321H, a 32-inch panel of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a price of 4,500 Euro / $4,500-6,050.

Detailed specs are unavailable at this time, but brightness and color reproduction capabilities should be significant, otherwise the monitor wouldn't be good for CAD and graphics designers.


Sharp PN-K321H 4K UHD monitor (2 Images)

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Gallery Image

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