300 : The Mobile Game

The fate of Sparta is in your hands

If you're the kind that goes to the movies rather often, then it's impossible not to have heard of 300, the movie that was based on Frank Miller's graphic novel telling the tale of the 300 brave Spartans that died in a battle against Xerxes and his mighty Persian Army.

While the film continues to conquer the box office, Warner Bros Digital Distribution has released 300: The Mobile Game, which if not becoming just as successful as the movie, should become quite popular among mobile gamers.

As was expected, you get to play the heroic Spartans through a story mode that follows the plot of the film. The game also includes a challenge mode (with six additional challenges) as well as a multiplayer mode that allows two people to play on a single mobile phone, each using just one key. 300: The Mobile Game features hundreds of moving soldiers on the screen, fighting and killing each other, dying or escaping.

Players will be able to control their troops against the Persian army and other ferocious enemies, through a wide variety of interactive environments, that include troops climbing over obstacles, rushing down hills or slipping on wet surfaces, and are meant to further enhance the gaming experience and bring it closer to the movie.

According to Warner Bros, 300: The mobile game 'plays like a casual arcade game but features 100s of units on screen at once and landscapes that change as the bodies pile up.' In other words, some skill will be required for playing it.

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