300% More Performance with Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 – Find Out How

Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 allows developers to deliver as much as 300% more performance for their projects compared to the previous set of reference topics delivered for version 6.3 of the Bing Maps AJAX Control.

At the start of this month, a number of developers from Earthware, OnTerra and Infusion sat down to discuss the evolution of Microsoft’s mapping, search and location platform.

The Redmond company has now made the webcast recording available to all developers free of charge.

The promise from the software giant is that devs will be able to not only get insight into the latest features introduced to Bing Maps, but also get tips and tricks designed to help them build the best apps possible.

“During this fast-paced, 40-minute overview of the new Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0, panelists discuss how to evaluate and improve the performance of Bing-powered mapping applications and new tools for working with SQL databases,” a member of the Bing Maps team stated.

According to the Redmond company, devs can take advantage of Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 in order to put together mapping applications which outperform apps built with AJAX Control 6.3 at a ratio bigger than three to one, when it comes down to rendering multiple points.

For those that do not know, the Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 software development kit (SDK) is designed to streamline the work focused on the Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 application programming interface (API).

“Earthware's Brian Norman showed developers how to get maximum performance and speed from the Bing Maps AJAXAPIs. 2010 King of Bing Maps Ricky Brundritt - developer of the TaxiFare Calculator - demonstrated how to create mapping add-ons that enhance any mapping application,” the Bing Maps team representative added.

“Rounding out the panel, OnTerra's Steve Milroy highlighted the new DataConnector, which allows organizations and developers to rapidly create web mapping applications that contain rich geospatial data visualization features.”

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