300 Guns Seized from Long Island Man with No Permit, Living Near School

66-year-old Jay Steiner had at least 6 loaded weapons in his home

Long Island police have seized some 300 weapons and massive amounts of ammo from the home of a man that has no gun license.

According to NBC New York, 66-year-old Jay Steiner has been arrested after the January bust and his stock has been confiscated.

PIX 11 comments that Steiner may have been running a gun business from his home near a high school in Centereach.

The owner had a federal permit that had expired in 2004 and investigators have also uncovered his business cards that featured the permit's registration number. The document would have allowed him to buy and sell the weapons.

Law enforcement officers have uncovered 85 handguns with no legal documents attached to them, 230 shotguns and rifles as well as ammunition.

His neighbors were not aware of the number of weapons Steiner had in his home and only learned about them when police showed up.

"That's a lot of guns. It's scary," one witness notes.

Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota describes that they recovered them from different spots around Steiner's residence.

"The guns were stored all throughout the house.

"He had more firepower than the detectives who arrested him," Spota says.

Investigators raided Steiner's home after being tipped off by a gun owner that had dealings with the suspect. A Suffolk police officer went undercover to confirm the existence of the weapons, following up on the report.

At least 6 loaded weapons were found in his home, one of which was a shotgun. Steiner also had 5 unloaded weapons with rounds placed next to them among his belongings.

The suspect was charged with unlawful firearm possession and taken into custody. He has since been released on bail and will be returning to court in April.

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