300 Animals Found in Florida Home, Owners Arrested for Animal Cruelty

Jeffrey O’Neil and Jennifer Kovacs are now in police custody after shocking find

Jeffrey O’Neil and Jennifer Kovacs called 911 on Sunday after realizing they could not find the 16-month baby girl left in their care. When police arrived at their Florida home, they were shocked to find nearly 300 animals on the premises.

The baby is ok: she had been taken by a relative, who left a note. The two had not seen it, which is partly explained by the fact that they were heavily intoxicated when they called the cops.

My Fox Tampa Bay reports that there were roughly 300 animals in and outside the house, a classic case of animal hoarding.

Some were dead and some were in very bad condition. Among them were rabbits, rats, cats, dogs, snakes, hedgehogs, but also “seven Burmese pythons, seven monitor lizards, over 100 bearded lizards, two deceased scorpion spiders, squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs and gerbils.”

The two are now being held without bail until their court hearing. They have been charged with child endangerment and abuse, and animal cruelty, but more charges might be added as the investigation continues.

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