30% of All RAM Shipped in 2013 Will Be Mobile

The prediction fits all the talk about PCs losing ground to mobile products

As tablets, smartphones, e-readers and other portable gadgets become more popular than PCs, the layout of the tech industry is changing.

The most recent news from that side, or rather the most recent rumor, has to do with the dynamic random access memory market.

The proportion of mobile RAM chips is about to go up by quite a bit compared to 2012.

Whereas, last year, mobile RAM accounted for 21% of the whole random access memory segment, 2013 will see that percentage rise to 30.

This is because smartphones will have 1-2 GB of built-in memory instead of under 1 GB like until recently.

And since sales of phones and tablets will go up while PCs will sell less, the rebalancing mentioned above is a natural consequence.

Makers of RAM chips won't see any better or worse business, since most of them have all the equipment they need to make all sorts of memory chips.

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