30 Raspberry Pi Credit Card-Sized PCs Power School Computing Lab

The Linux ARM computer does a bit more than it was meant to do

When the Raspberry Pi foundation first introduced the idea for the Raspberry Pi mini PC, it thought about it as a means for students to learn programing and device creation at school.

In the end, the product earned more fame thanks to its ability to turn any TV into a Smart TV, and the various other freelance projects involving it.

Still, schools have definitely been using the gadget, like the Saint Marcellin Comprehensive College from Cameroon, Belgium.

Located in Binshua, close to Nkambe in the Northwest region of Cameroon, the school is using 30 pis to power a computing lab.

Mice, screens and keyboards bought locally complete the ensemble.

The whole story is told on a guest post on the Pi Foundation’s blog. Check it out or watch the video above for more.

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