Spotlight: 30 Oversized Windmills Are Donated by a 93-Year Old Man to a Theme Park

The windmills were all part of Vollis Simpson's personal collection

Renewable energy source are quite worthy of our attention, primarily as a result of financial incentives.

However, one man named Vollis Simpson pretty much became fascinated with wind power and decided to turn this rather rare interest in windmills and their inner working into a full-blown passion.

Thus, he came to own as many as 30 oversized windmills, and once he turned 93 decided to donate them to a theme park in Wilson, North Carolina.

“Imagine a place where vibrant color, dynamic motion, and rhythmic sound dazzle the senses, a public park and outdoor museum where local community and international visitors alike can gather around the iconic, monumental, wind-powered sculptures of world-renowned artist and engineer Vollis Simpson,” reads the official description of this very innovative theme park, which helps draw attention towards renewable energy sources such as wind power.

This park may have been up and running for quite some time now, but we find it as impressive as it was when it first opened.

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