3 Year-Old Tastes Atomic Warhead Ultra Sour Candy

Atomic Warhead candy is so sour, it makes one 3-year-old look terrified

Atomic Warhead candy is so sour, it is more than enough for this kid to make these adorable faces. This clip featuring a 3-year-old daredevil has garnered over 400,000 views on YouTube in less than two weeks.

The video was picked up by VideoSift, CollegeHumor, Viral Viral Videos and ABCNews over the weekend, making the kid a star.

The little boy looks like he is dancing, while completely terrified. All in all, the clip posted by user ElDiPablo is quite enjoyable.

The description identifies the tormented young sweets lover as Brayden. He had just started eating his Halloween candy, and it appears he came up with the idea of trying out the Atomic candy all on his own.

Parents tried to talk him out of it, but, since they failed, decided to get his reaction on camera instead.

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