3 Ukrainians Believed to Be Responsible for Styx Exploit Kit

Security expert Brian Krebs has tracked down the three individuals

Security expert Brian Krebs believes he has discovered who is behind Styx, an exploit kit which researchers say is on the rise.

Up until recently, the Styx exploit kit was sold via a regular website, not on underground forums such as other cybercrime packs. However, after Krebs wrote a report about the website, it was taken down.

The expert has been able to link payment information from the website to three individuals from Ukraine: Stanislav Shangin, Maxim Gavryuk and Alexander Nazarenko.

All three are apparently expert web developers.

The trio has been linked to the website used to sell Styx, but Krebs believes they might also be responsible for developing the exploit kit.

Here are additional details on how the expert managed to track down the three suspects.

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