3 Tips for Avoiding Hurricane Sandy Charity Scams – Video

Here’s what you need to know before making a donation

The folks from Scambook have released an important advisory to teach those who want to help out the victims of Hurricane Sandy how not to fall victims to charity scams.

Many US citizens who haven’t been affected by the devastating hurricane are determined to help victims by making donations. However, experts warn that scammers are relying on the buzz to fill their pockets.

That’s why those who want to make donations must be extra careful not to help con artists instead of those who really need the money.

The tips are simple. First, research the charity organization you’re about to give money to. Website such as charitynavigator.org and guidestar.org are great resources for those who want to find out if an organization is legitimate or not.

Secondly, users should never trust emails, social media posts and not even YouTube videos unless they come from trusted sources. It’s difficult to know what they’re up to and chances are that the cleverly designed website you’re dealing with is actually part of a scheme.

Finally, never donate to those who pressure you or make you uncomfortable. Legitimate organizations will not try to manipulate you into giving them your money.

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