3-Foot Alligator Rescued During Drug Bust

The animal was supposedly kept as a pet by the drug dealers

Only recently, police officials in Anne Arundel County, Maryland ended up rescuing a 3-foot (roughly one meter) alligator while carrying out a drug bust.

Because the animal was in very good health, there are many who agree that the drug dealers most likely kept is as a pet.

However, the officers decided that it would be best if the alligator were taken to a facility for exotic animals.

This is because, despite the best intentions of the people who kept this alligator in their home, households cannot provide such wild species with the living conditions they need in order to thrive and feel comfortable.

The man in whose home this alligator was found is now in police custody for dealing drugs such as marijuana.

As well as this, he is accused of having killed several individuals back in September.

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