3 Dozen Firefighters Join Hands to Rescue a Pony

The animal somehow fell into a well, needed help getting out

After it accidentally fell into an 8-foot well (about 2.5 meters), a pony from England found itself needing urgent help getting out.

Luckily for Nova, as this pony is named, as many as 30 firefighters agreed to lend it a helping hand.

The firefighters were called in by Nova's owners, who grew restless when noticing that the pony was nowhere to be found and who set out to look for it only to find it stuck inside the well.

Despite the fact that the well also contained some water, the firefighters managed to use harnesses in order to grab hold of Nova and get it back to safety, sources say.

“Nova was ‘calm and quiet’ throughout the ordeal, quiet despite being covered up to her neck in cold water,” the pony's owner told members of the press.

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