3,400 Travelers Spend the Night at Narita Airport in Tokyo

260 people have been injured in the city, during the first snowstorm of the year

A heavy snowfall hit Japan yesterday, leaving thousands of people stranded at Narita International Airport, in Tokyo.

3,400 people awaited in the airport, for the first snowstorm of the year to pass, Japan Daily Press writes. On Monday, January 14, hundreds of flights were canceled.

Travelers spent the night in the airport, as staff tried to accommodate them, bringing sleeping bags and blankets, as well as crackers and water.

Temperatures in the capital dropped down to 0.8 degrees Celsius (33 degrees Fahrenheit), as 8 to 20 cm (3 inches) of snow piled up on the streets. About 260 people have been injured as a result, reps for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government have stated.

Flight operations at Narita are resuming as scheduled today, authorities say, with some minor delays.

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