3-4 Million Kindle Fire Tablet Shipped, Amazon Expects 5 Million by Year's End

Trolled or not, the tablet is really seeing success because of its small price

Amazon still refuses to officially come out and say how many Kindle Fire tablets it sold so far, but there are other ways for the world to find out the numbers.

Digitimes got to find out how many of those things Amazon itself received from Quanto Computer, the one who actually makes them.

Granted, this doesn't actually mean that Amazon already sold them all, but the figures are a very good guideline.

Amazon already said that Kindle Fire dominated Black Friday sales and was already a bestseller even prior to that.

Thus, that millions of those things shipped to consumers is easy enough to guess.

According to the report, Quanta shipped 3 to 4 million Kindle Fire slates to Amazon.

Also, Amazon further plans to keep on ordering more slates, until the 5 million mark is surpassed, something expected to happen before the year is out, or in early January at the latest.

As a refreshment to one's memory, the device is a 7-inch tablet with an IPS screen whose native resolution is of 1,024 x 600 pixels.

It even has Gorilla Glass coating, making it more or less impervious to common ways of damaging technology. All the hardware revolves around a dual-core processor.

Performance-wise, reviews didn't find the Fire all that spectacular, especially compared to the $500 / 479 Euro models of 10.1 inches.

Amazon's invention still ended up selling, partly because of the marketing efforts and reputation that Amazon has at its disposal, but mostly due to the very low price of $199 (about 149 EUR).

We already mentioned how this had basically kicked off a tablet price revolution, of sorts, as far as the 7-inch form factor goes at least.

Now we just have to see what will come of those patent trolls and the patent infringement lawsuits they started.

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