2TB External USB HDD Enabling Video Recording from HDTVs Launched by Buffalo

Since quite a few modern HDTVs also offer an USB Recording mode, the people over at Buffalo have decided to lend a helping hand to the owners of such display solutions and introduced a new series of USB HDDs designed to offer plenty of storage space for recording one's favorite shows.

Unfortunately, while some such latest-generation TV sets come with built-in HDDs, others don't, and that's exactly where Buffalo's new HD-LBU2 / V series comes into play, enabling video recording via the USB port.

Set to become available just in Japan for starters, the new HDDs from Buffalo are available in two different storage options (1TB and 2TB), and they're designed to work with a fairly extensive range of TVs, including here the compatible Regza models from Toshiba, Viera TVs from Panasonic, Sony's Bravia TVs, Sharp's Aquos, as well as LG's Infinia brands.

Buffalo points out that these HDDs are compatible with a much wider array of products as far as playback of recorded content is concerned (Blu-ray and multimedia players, Sony's PS3, etc.), not to mention the fact that they're accompanied by a 2-meter USB cable, enabling a higher level of versatility as far as the placement of the drive itself around the house is concerned.

Carrying it around won't be that easy, though, since it measures 39 x 123 x 189mm and weighs around 1 kilo.

It's also interesting to mention the fact that the new storage unit from Buffalo sports a fanless, silent design, providing quite a good level of cooling for the hard-drive stored within while keeping noise at a minimum.

Unfortunately, Buffalo has not provided any pricing details for its HD-LBU2/V series of external HDDs for HDTVs, but the company did reveal the fact that Japanese customers can expect these things to hit the shelves in early March (no details on whether they'll be heading towards Western markets anytime soon, though).

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