27-Inch ProLite LCD Monitors Released by iiyama

The new LCDs have a vertical view angle of 160° and a horizontal angle of 170°

Aware of the rapidly coming holidays and the ever-present desire of PC enthusiasts to make a good Christmas purchase, the Japanese company iiyama released two new ProLite monitors whose versatility will most likely turn them into potential holiday gifts. Very well suited for gaming or playback of high-definition media, whether within a home-theater PC setup or not, the new displays are slim monitors that may come colored either in black or white and their TFT color Liquid Crystal Display panels are capable of a maximum resolution of Full-HD 1920x1080. They come as additions to the ProLite series and are dubbed ProLite B2712HDS/-B and ProLite E2710HDS/-B.

The displays are powered by a USB hub and consume 45W of power during regular use, with only a 1W consumption during standby. As for the connectivity options, they may connect to graphics adapters through an HDMI 1.3 terminal, DVI-D output or a D-sub 15-pin Mini-type 3 port. The displays have a good, maximum brightness of 400 cd/m2, but what is especially notable is each product's individual dynamic contrast ratio, namely of 50,000:1 for the ProLite B2712HDS/-B and of 20,000:1 DCR for the ProLite E2710HDS/-B. The viewing angle of both monitors is also more than satisfactory, with angles of 160 ° vertically and 170 ° horizontally.

The two monitors include a number of extra features, among which are USB ports and built-in sound, with the ProLite E2710HDS/-B using dual 2W speakers and the ProLite B2712HDS/-B featuring dual speakers that run on 1.5W of power. The monitors can also easily assure the full enjoyment of “high-speed” games thanks to their short response time of five milliseconds (two milliseconds gray to gray).

The products are priced according to their performance and array of individual features, with the ProLite B2712HDS/-B selling for $458 and the ProLite E2710HDS/-B at the price of $435. In addition to their stylish design and ACR functional overdrive circuit, both monitors are offered along with a three-year warranty.


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