27 Government Sites Belonging to Brazil’s State of Maranhão Hacked

Military Police, Department of Public Safety and other government sites have been hacked

Hackers of the Ashiyane Digital Security Team have breached and defaced a number of 27 websites owned by the government of the State of Maranhão, Brazil.

The breached websites belong to the Military Police, the Attorney General’s Office, the Ministry of Women, the Department of Public Safety, the Supplier Development program and many others.

Currently, some of the affected domains have been shut down. Others appear to be working properly, which might indicate that the State of Maranhão is working on restoring the websites.

According to HackRead, the Ashiyane Digital Security Team is one of Iran’s oldest hacker groups. Based in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, the collective consists of over 30 members who are responsible for defacing over 44,000 websites.

They’re ranked number one on zone-h.org’s list of notifiers.

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