27 Bear Cubs Refuse to Hibernate, Give Their Caretaker a Rather Difficult Time

Ben Kilham is doing his best in providing for these cubs, admits they can be a hassle

Ben Kilham from Lyme, New Hampshire, now keeps himself entertained by looking after a total of 27 orphaned bear cubs which simply refuse to abide by the rules of their species and go into hibernation.

As Ben explains, the bear cubs spend much of their time playing with each other or climbing tress.

Their having this much fun would not be all that big of a problem if it were not for the fact that, while engaging in these outdoor activities, the bears also burn quite a lot of calories.

This means that they are often hungry, and Ben has no choice except figure out a way to get them the food they need, sources report.

Still, food costs money and the bear cubs' caretaker admits that, all things considered, providing for these orphaned bears is too much for his finances to handle.

Ben is now asking that those who wish to lend him a helping hand in aiding these bear get through winter send some money to the Bear Hill Conservancy.

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