26 Elephants Massacred by Poachers in the Central African Republic

Conservationists fear many other animals will die in the days to come

About a week ago, the news broke that 17 poachers had entered the Dzanga Bai area. At that time, conservationists warned that, unless immediate measures were taken, an elephant massacre would soon follow.

By the looks of it, their fears have come true. Thus, it was only recently when the carcasses of 26 such animals were discovered at said World Heritage Site.

“The killing has started. The Central African Republic must act immediately to secure this unique World Heritage site,” Jim Leape, the current WWF International director general reportedly said.

Presently, both the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and several other green-oriented groups warn that, unless immediate measures are taken, many other such killings will take place in the days to come.

In fact, some fear that dozens of elephants inhabiting this area have already been killed, and that it is only a matter of time before their bodies are discovered by local authorities.

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