26 Bangladesh Government Websites Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army

One of the victims is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A number of 26 Bangladeshi government websites have been defaced by members of the Pakistan Cyber Army. For a while, the cyber war – or cyber skirmish, as some like to call it – between Pakistan and Bangladesh appeared to have faded, but the feud is far from being over.

According to bdnews24.com, the list of victims includes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bangladesh Air Force, and sites belonging to several sub-districts known as Upazila Parishad.

“This is a PayBack From Pakistan Cyber Army. This is not a game you kidz, Don't play with fire. If you lamers won’t stop [expletive] around with our Cyber Space, we will make your Cyber Space Hell,” the hackers wrote on the defaced sites.

At the time of writing, some of the affected sites were still inaccessible, including the one of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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