24 Snakes Close Day Care Center, Spread Panic Amongst Parents and Kids

The pythons set up house in this nursery in Townsville, Australia

This past Thursday, a day care center in Townsville, Australia was left with no choice except close after it became obvious that they were dealing with a snake infestation.

More precisely, a mother python and its 23 newly-hatched offspring had set up house in this nursery, and nobody knew anything about it until one baby python decided to go for a stroll one day and came face to face with the head of this day care center.

The latter immediately informed the authorities, and soon enough a team of wildlife specialists arrived at the Mitchell Street Childcare Center.

Sources report that, besides stumbling upon said 23 baby pythons and their oversized mother, which measured about 8 feet in length, these wildlife specialists also found a total of 41 broken eggshells which were scattered around inside the day care center's walls.

Because of this, they suspect that some snakes might still be hiding in this nursery's nooks and crannies.

Despite the fact that these carpet pythons are non-venomous snakes, the fact remains that their bite is strong enough to cause significant injuries, especially if the person they choose to bite into is an infant.

Moreover, pythons kill by “hugging” their victim until the latter runs out of air or gets crushed, so having them around is not something to look forward to.

Interestingly enough, this was not the first time when the Mitchell Street Childcare Center had to deal with such an issue. Quite the contrary: it was only last year when a similar incident occurred.

As Director Louise DeBomford, the first person to spot one of these snaked explained, “I thought there would have to be more than one because we had an inundation of snakes last year, about the same time.”

Luckily, the snakes were found and captured before they got a chance to hurt anybody.

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