24 People Hid in Bank Vault During Moore, Oklahoma Tornado and Survived

14 employees and ten members of Tinker Federal Credit Union bank were saved by the vault

A bank vault left standing after the tornado that hit Oklahoma this week served as a hiding place for 24 incredibly lucky twister survivors.

A video shows the horrifying windstorm that leveled the town of Moore, killing 51 people, some of whom children.

A branch office belonging to the Tinker Federal Credit Union was also destroyed to its core, but the vault made it through intact.

According to Credit Union Times, 14 staffers and 10 members of the bank hid inside and rode out the storm.

“I don’t know yet if the branch was directly in the path of the tornado or on the edge of the path of tornado, but it essentially destroyed the branch and a lot of things around it.”

[Update, May 30 2013]: A previous version of this news blog mentioned that the tornado registered over 90 casualties. The latest death toll puts that number at 51.

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