24-Inch 3D Monitor from ASUS Has 144 Hz Refresh Rate

HDMI use is not recommended here, because of bandwidth limits

Contrary to what some may have expected, ASUS did not use the best hardware when it made its newest 3D monitor, despite it being a gaming-oriented display and, thus, expensive by default.

We aren't saying that ASUS used substandard hardware here, but it is a bit strange that the company selected a TN-film panel instead of an IPS screen.

Then again, the only advantage of IPS is wider viewing angles, which don't really matter to gamers much since players will always be right in front of them, gazing intently forward.

The name of the monitor is ASUS VG248QE. It is a 24-inch 3D panel with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD). No surprises so far.

The display itself has a response time of just 1 ms, excellent for shooters and other rapid-response games.

The refresh rate is the one that stands out though. To support 3D, a screen needs 120 Hz, since it cannot create two sets of 60 Hz images at once otherwise.

ASUS's new model supports 144 Hz, for 72 Hz per-plane, which makes stereoscopic 3D more pleasant, and easier to stand for extended periods.

Owners will have to use a dual-link DVI or DisplayPort 1.2 connection though. HDMI is supported, but it can limit refresh rate to 72 Hz.

That's all there is to know about the specifications, which leaves design and mobility to cover, and ASUS, fortunately, did not gloss over these aspects.

The monitor's stand can pivot at a 90-degree angle (portrait mode) and allows for tilt and height adjustment as well.

Finally, ASUS tossed 2W stereo speakers and the ASUS Splendid software (allows tweaking the image quality and display clock).

ASUS did not reveal this info. SweClockers did, but they did not know the availability or price details, though they did suggest the sum of $450 / 346-450 Euro as the most likely.


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