221 Coffins Set on Fire as Kenyans Protest Against Politicians’ Bonuses

A coffin was burnt for every member of the parliament that supported the bill

People in Kenya protested when they found out that the 222 members of their parliament were going to award themselves large bonuses for their activity last year.

Last week, legislators tried to pass a bill that would allow them to receive $110,000 (€83,000) in awards, which would add to their $175,000 (€132,000) annual salaries. The sum seems much larger in comparison to the average annual income of a citizen of Kenya - $1,700 (€1,280).

Protesters burnt coffins to convey their discontent with the piece of legislation, one for every lawmaker. Since the bill wasn't passed because the president vetoed it, he didn't get a coffin, The Vibe reported.

On Wednesday, they set fire to the coffins in front of the building where the parliament is joined.

Many photos of the event have circled the web, but I have chosen to post this one because the demonstrator's expression as he dances during the protest is priceless. Coffins can be observed burning in the backdrop.

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