2013 Predictions: Best of YouTube

Flying cars, UFOs, less economic stability – what is in store for the New Year?

With the clock ticking on 2012 and us getting ready for a brand new year, perhaps the thought crossed your mind as to what you should expect from 2013. Will there be flying cars? Will we be contacted by alien life and see UFOs on a daily basis? What do experts and regular people say?

This is by no means a blog meant to provide concrete answers (if any could ever be gotten on such a topic), but rather to bring a smile on your face, in these final days of 2012.

A simple search online should do just that: you would not believe the kind of crazy-awesome “2013 predictions” can unearth on video-sharing websites like YouTube, for instance.

I include here my favorites: a video of a dude making fun of all the other 2013 Predictions videos, another one of a psychic talking about seeing lights “and more,” another one of a second psychic who claims to be “astrologer to the stars at the Oscars” and one from The Economist, you know, for those of you who mind spending so much time with their heads in the clouds.

One thing is certain: 2013 is coming and we can only hope it will be better than 2012!

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