2013 Expected to Seal the Fate of Scottish Wildcats

The species is almost extinct, only needs a gentle push to fall off the biodiversity map

Recent news from the Scottish Wildcat Association informs us that the year 2013 will determine whether or not the wildcats in this part of the world will make it as a species.

Thus, Scotland's wildcats are almost extinct, and all that remains for them to completely fall off the biodiversity map is an utter lack of determination when it comes to implementing urgent conservation measures.

Sources explain that, up the development of human society, Scottish wildcats used to inhabit virtually all of Britain's lands.

However, urban expansion forced them to seek refuge into the Highlands of Scotland, and it now seems that they are to be pushed out of these regions as well.

Apparently, a national conservation campaign will be launched in the following few months in order to help keep this species from becoming extinct.

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