2012 Not the Best Year for ECS' Motherboard Division

Only about four million own-brand motherboards have been sold

Elitegroup Computer System hasn't exactly finished tallying its motherboard shipments, but it has enough data for a rough estimate of what the year 2012 brought it.

Per this report, the company did ship 12 million to others that had contracted its services (ODM shipments), but its own-brand models only reached 4 million, give or take.

This is a significant drop compared to 2011, when the company managed to ship six million.

Seeing as how the ODM shipments showed no on-year drop, it is twice as worrisome that only so few ECS motherboards found buyers.

The company intends to turn the tables in 2013, with every sort of platform being planned, even mini-ITX ones. In fact, two such boards will debut in January: Q77H2-TI and B75H2-TI.

ECS should publish its financial and shipment results in January or February.

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