2012 Movie Trailer Mashup Is Epic, Insane

Three-part video aims to embrace all major releases of 2012, whether indie or mainstream

Whether you like comedies or dramas, action flicks or more “serious” releases, if you like movies in general, you should definitely spare a few minutes of your time for what must be one of the coolest trailer mashups ever made.

Put together by Sleepy Skunk and devised in 3 major parts, the video above aims to include most major releases of 2012 (in terms of trailers), whether indie or mainstream, and to make sense of them all in a larger context.

Part 1 is sci-fi, horror-focused: called “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth,” it shows man fighting adversity against all hope and reason, sometimes in vain because there is no chance for victory, only despair.

“Tick Tick Boom,” the second part, is action-oriented but with a visible strain of fun to it. Included here are movies that are action- and CGI-packed but which don’t fail by taking themselves too seriously.

“Everything Is Connected,” the third and definitely most touching part, includes some of the most striking visuals in today’s cinematography, lifted from the latest trailers for fantasy or post-apocalyptic movies.

I believe naming all the films included in this mashup would spoil the fun, so I won’t do it. Instead, I’m going to say just this: whether violent or touching, sad or funny, “bare” in terms of VFX or CGI laden, movies are the vehicle through which we make our escape into a world where dreams become possible.

This video, with its brilliant editing and excellent score, best renders that idea.

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