200 Teens Involved as Flash Mob Turns Ugly, Empties Louisiana Mall

200 youngsters showed up on the food court level, for an event announced via social media

East Baton Rouge, Louisiana was the site of a massive mall fight on Saturday night, as reported earlier today. 

As a crowd of teenagers showed up on the food court level, an ugly brawl broke out, prompting the mall shutdown.

I Digital Times relays a Facebook comment that followed the fight, which describes the event. A teen present at the scene talks about 200 youngsters being involved in the incident.

“Madison & i were 100 feet away from the fight that broke out @ Mall of La w 200 juveniles involved! Stores shut their doors, people running everwhere, mall closed! Cops and helicopters everywhere! Heading home! Its already on tv news!,” the posting reads.

At 6 p.m., the police were called in on the second floor of the Mall of Louisiana, Nola writes. Eyewitness reports reveal that 2 girls started arguing before the flash mob was scheduled to start, and the incident lit the fuse for several other brawls to commence.

As law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they immediately started evacuating the angry mob. The teenagers were escorted outside, in front of a BJ's Brewhouse and Bravo restaurant, where other altercations followed.

The Baton Rouge police and Louisiana state troopers collaborated to control the crowds, and evacuate everybody in the shopping facility.

Entries on social networking websites reveal the crowds went wild when the rumor of someone having a gun spread. However, no weapons were recovered at the scene and no injuries were reported.

“Saw people running and screaming I turned around a girl told me someone has a gun I started running with them,” shopper Missy Melancon is quoted by Georgia Daily News saying.

“Never been that scared in my life. [...] People were running everywhere. It was like a movie, but you were in it,” Juston D'Nea Millet chronicles on Facebook.

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