20-Year-Old Throws Pet Rabbit in a River, Gets 4 Months in Prison

The rabbits owner, a homeless man, jumped in the water and rescued his pet

The Dublin District Court recently decided that Gary Kearney is to spend four months behind bars following his throwing a homeless man's pet rabbit in the River Liffey.

This incident occurred about a year ago, but it is only now that Gary Kearney is made to pay for his actions.

As the rabbit's owner, John Byrne, recollects, this 20-year-old simply grabbed the animal and tossed it in the water, leaving the homeless man with no choice except also jump in and try to rescue his pet.

“I wasn't going to leave him there. I had to get him, I had to jump in to get him. Barney died in my arms. I got him under the bridge and gave him the kiss of life,” John Byrne told members of the press.

The only thing that Gary Kearney did right with respect to this incident was to plead guilty to the charges of animal cruelty and torture that were filed against him.

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