20 Documents Stolen by Hackers from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The ministry's representatives say the compromised information is not classified

On Tuesday, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that around 20 documents had been leaked from its computers. The incident took place on January 28.

According to a press release, the National Information Security Center was the one that noticed the suspicious communication to an external server.

The ministry’s representatives explained that the stolen documents weren’t confidential; arguing that classified information was never stored on networks connected to the Internet.

Outside experts have been called in to assess the situation and determine the root causes of the hack.

Additional security measures will be set in place to prevent future incidents.

In early January, a similar breach took place. At the time, hackers stole over 3,000 confidential documents from the country’s Agriculture Ministry.

In an interview we had with a hacker back in November, he revealed that Japan’s cyberspace was extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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