2 Rocket Launchers Turned In at LA “No Questions Asked” Gun Buyback

Of the 2,000 guns turned in, 75 were assault weapons and 2 were anti-tank rocket launchers

Yesterday, I reported on the LA gun buyback program, which I believe is a great initiative of the city officials.

It ensures owners that they are not being stripped of their gun ownership rights, while benefiting the community as weapons are being taken off the streets.

At the time of my previous report, about 1,500 guns had been turned in, with the total number listed at over 2,000.

Only 75 of those are assault weapons, but the surprise comes from two residents who brought in anti-tank rocket launchers.

According to LA Weekly, officers weren't spooked by the fact that some residents keep the high-powered weapons in their homes.

“We've had them in the past,” one source said.

Even so, it seems like LA should give a little more thought to their “No Questions Asked” buyback policy.

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